Constant Vorticity (Update)

In the quest to understand what happens to the stability as the strength of the vorticity increases, it’s important to predict precisely where the first instability will arise (in terms of the Floquet parameter \mu.

Intersecting lines of opposite signature could give rise to a potential instability.  The two black dots follow the first to collisions; both of which yield instabilities for non-trivial solutions.

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AIMS 2018: Taipei (Day 2)

Chris posing with the conference banner.

Today, I attended a session organized by Christian Kharif on water-waves. Three of the speakers were colleagues: Vishal, Vera, and Chris. While quite a few topics were discuss, I personally found the conversations that happened between talks the most useful.  I discussed various projects with various permutations of people.  The following contains a brief summary of some of the topics/projects/questions discussed.


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