It’s been a while (again)…

It’s definitely been a while.  Renting/moving out of the house, packing, and then finally settling into Vienna has been overwhelming.

We initially traveled to Prague for some tourism.  After Prague, we rented a car and drove to Vienna via the Wachau Valley.  Finally, we made it to Vienna and got settled in.

Now, to write some updates about research!


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Getting ready for sabbatical

I finished writing a draft showing the connection between AFM and the conserved quantities of Olver.  These notes also extend the idea to constant vorticity and outline a  process for extending to 3-d. I hope to post this soon.  I’m really excited about how this project is going.  Sal is making excellent contributions and I’m really looking forward to see where he pushes this!

For now, it’s all about getting the house rented. Which means I’ve been doing a lot of the following

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