My first day in Bratislava was pretty rough.

The first disaster was that related to my luggage falling from overhead.  Not only did I get a bruise on my eye, I broke my glasses.  I had recently switched back to glasses because my contacts had been causing really bad headaches.  And while I was strongly resistant to buying *those* particular frames, they really grew one me.  So, I’m in a city and should be conducting research, but I can’t see.  At least I have one contact with me 🙂

The second ‘adventure’ was that I was ticketed 50 Euro! I thought you paid for your bus ticket on the bus.  I had my money out ready to pay; except, that machine was only for validation.  As soon as the doors closed, I got a ticket!  I was totally embarassed!

That said, research has been good, and I like my office.  Here are some pics for fun!

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